NHSRCL : organises Japanese language & culture learning training programme 

NEW DELHI. The High-Speed Rail technology is being adopted from Japanese Shinkansen train technology, hence there is a need of inter-country exchanges between the officials of two countries, which would be facilitated by proficiency in Japanese language and empathetic understanding of their culture.

A training programme on Japanese language and culture has been developed by the Japan Foundation which is based on the established standards for Japanese Language Education. The study material is designed with an emphasis on using Japanese language for oral communication, and better understanding the Japanese culture.

Several employees of NHSRCL, from Project Offices in Mumbai, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat & Corporate office in Delhi including the Managing Director of the organisation, have completed this five month long Japanese language course and a certificate was presented to 35 of the successful Employees by ‘The Japan Foundation’ at a function organised at NHSRCL Corporate office in New Delhi.

During the presentation ceremony, the Managing Director, NHSRCL, Shri Achal Khere said “Similar course would continue to be organised for all the employees. The next course is scheduled to start from December 2018.  NHSRCL will also give preference to job applicants who have Japanese language proficiency. The proficiency shall be evaluated based on the qualification acquired through Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) N-1 to N-5. However, candidates with N-3level of Japanese language proficiency will be required initially.The recruitments will be undertaken in next 1-2 years. So, if someone wishes to be a part of the NHSRCL then the technical acumen coupled with Japanese language proficiency may do the trick.”

The Director for Japanese Language of “The Japan Foundation” Mr. NoguchiKousuke added “This course is certified by The Japan Foundation, New Delhi, using our own standard called “JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education”. We hope that the NHSRCL employees who took the course will continue to learn the language and also the culture, and contribute to the success of the High Speed Rail project.”

National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), is a joint sector company of Govt. of India and Participating State Governments formed for implementation of High Speed Train Corridor Project between Mumbai & Ahmedabad.

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